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Evidence-Based Fitness and Guaranteed Results

The fitness craze has been overwhelming America since the early 1980's. So what fitness program is truly the best for you? What program will actually deliver the promise of "guaranteed results"? At CrossFit Drums, we've found your answers.


While other fitness regimens rely on theory or "feel-good" results, CrossFit develops its programs based on the hard evidence of muscle strength and endurance improvement.

Full-body exercises ensure consistency

"Leg day" is no mysterious workout that everyone misses out at CrossFit Drums. With our program, every muscle in your body will get a consistent workout using weight training, cardiovascular techniques, running, jumping, boxing, and more.

You're not alone when you choose CrossFit Drums

Going through it alone can be harmful to your fitness goals. When you join our community, you get the support of new friends, the confidence to overcome your weaknesses through teamwork, exposure to different disciplines, and better methods of achieving your goals.


Overcome your biggest challenge

You are your own worst enemy when you decide to get fit. But with the right confidence and guidance from a challenging trainer and a community, you'll improve your body by leaps and bounds - literally.


CrossFit Drums is in business since 2015. We are lauded and highly rated by all our clients and participants.

Create a better, healthier you with new friends and a team of like-minded individuals! Together we'll achieve more.

Jump into CrossFit today. It's easy, exciting, and rewarding at CrossFit Drums!