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Evidence-Based Fitness and Guaranteed Results

Tired of the latest fitness crazes?  It can be tough finding a fitness program that is truly the best for you and delivers on the promise of "guaranteed results"? Look no further—CrossFit Drums is your answer!


CrossFit relies on the basics of fitness by utilizing functional movements like squatting, jumping, and running. Couple that with our constantly varied, high-intensity curriculum, and you’ve got yourself an effective workout. While other fitness programs can be based on gimmicks, CrossFit develops its programing with scientifically-backed evidence to improve muscle strength and increase endurance.


CrossFit is adaptable to any fitness level. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned athlete, don’t be afraid to jump in and join our team.


Gain Strength with Full-body Exercises

Intimidated by the dreaded “leg day” or scared of cardio?  CrossFit Drums will help you overcome and embrace these challenges. With our structured programming, every muscle in your body will get a consistent workout through weight training and cardiovascular techniques, such as running, jumping, and more. No matter your fitness level, CrossFit Drums will help you succeed at your fitness goals.

You're Never Alone at CrossFit Drums

Getting in shape without direction can be harmful to your fitness goals. When you join our community, you’ll receive guidance from our experienced and certified coaches, support from new friends, and the confidence to overcome your weaknesses. CrossFit isn’t only a great workout, it’s a community that creates lifelong friendships.


With teamwork, great coaching, and exposure to different disciplines through our constantly varied programming, you’ll reach your fitness goals in no time.



Overcome Your Biggest Challenges

You're often your own worst enemy when getting fit. But, with the right guidance from a challenging trainer, and the support from a great community, you'll improve your body by leaps and bounds-- literally.


CrossFit Drums has been in business since 2015. We are lauded and highly rated by all our clients and participants.

Create a better, healthier you with new friends and a team of like-minded individuals! Together we'll achieve more.

Jump into CrossFit today. It's easy, exciting, and rewarding at CrossFit Drums!


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