The Hazleton Area's Largest CrossFit Community: 570-657-8130

Our Facility

Looking to try CrossFit, but don’t want to give up traditional gym equipment? Don’t worry—CrossFit Drums has cardio and weight lifting machines, along with a full range of free weights.


Plus, the gym has two bathrooms with showers for anyone with a busy work schedule.


Our facility is open 24/7. Check out our schedule for CrossFit classes.


Additional Equipment

We have all the equipment you’d expect to find at your local CrossFit gym. Our spacious facility is equipped with multiple rigs for lifting and gymnastics. You’ll always be able to lift heavy with our full array of barbells and weights, kettlebells, and dumbbells. And, not to mention plenty of rowers and the dreaded Assault Air bikes.


Like to bring your workout outside? We have plenty of rooms for sprints and tire-flips right behind our facility.  

CrossFit Drums rig murph outside photo